UPDATE: Artist Residency program postponed and new Student U partnership announced!

The Board of Trustees, in collaboration with Scientific Properties, is postponing the Goldenbelt Artist Residency until the summer of 2013. We thank everyone who has shown interest in the residency program and encourage you to apply during our next round of selections.
The four-year-old program has been an integral part of the DAG programming, helping local artists and the community. The Board decided, in order to better serve the DAG membership, to take the next nine months to re-assess the program through interviews with past resident artists, surveys of the membership base, and research from residency models of other organizations. Ideally, we would like all constituents to have an opportunity to play a part in this retooling effort. Scientific Properties is committed to the sponsorship program and the agreement between DAG and Goldenbelt to program Gallery 100 has been renewed. We hope to make the DAG Artist Residency better in the future and we appreciate your understanding as we revamp and refresh the program until next summer.
In the interim period, DAG is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting new opportunity and partnership for 2013! The Durham Art Guild is coordinating a creative educational outreach initiative with Student U of Durham. The project will be based out of the Durham Art Guild facilities at Goldenbelt and will provide the opportunity for DAG members to become “Creative Mentors” for a select group of artistically-driven Student U participants. We invite you to come to the October 23rd Members' meeting from 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. for more details on program goals and the application process.
Thank you for your continued membership and support of the Durham Art Guild. If you have any immediate questions or concerns please email Board Chair, Shannon Leskin:board@durhamartguild.org.
Shannon Leskin
Chair, Board of Trustees
Durham Art Guild

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